Refurbishment Modifications Upgrades

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  • hunters auto electical refurbishment
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  • hunters auto electical refurbishment

Refurbishment Modifications Upgrades

Many operators of vehicles and plant look for cost effective ways of extending the life of their assets as well as adding the latest technology or improving on existing systems. This may include new systems, or enhancements to the electrical systems. Below are just some of the enhancements and modifications that Hunters Auto Electrical Engineering have designed and/or carried out over the years:

  • Engine Idle Shut Down Bus & Truck Chassi.s
  • CAT 2  (IoT) Ignition & Start immobilisers for Buses
  • Stand Alone Power Supply Moving Floor Trailers.
  • Flash Marker for HGV Trailers.
  • 360 Degree Camera Systems.
  • Back & Side Scan Systems for Heavy Goods Vehicles.
  • Electrical Systems for Demountable Bodies.
  • USB Charging Products for Passenger Transport.
  • PA Systems for Open Top Buses.
  • Low Water Warning and Engine Shut Down.
  • Software Upgrades and Parameter Changes.
  • GPS & Tracking Systems.
  • 230V AC On Board Systems.

Where an off the shelf product is not available, Hunters Auto Electrical Engineering can design a bespoke solution from supplying wiring harnesses from our harness shop, providing Auto CAD drawings, product development and type approval, installation and testing as well as plug and play kits.

Case Study Customer A

Hunters Auto Electrical Engineering customer had heavy lifting equipment that suffered a very slight delay from when a control was operated to when the lifting equipment responded. The customer needed precision control when moving several tonnes, millimetres at a time at height. The solution was installing 16 upgraded electrically operated valves, and shortening the air control pipes for the hydraulics. The outcome was instant touch sensitive response to any operator action.

Case Study Customer B

Refurbishment Modifications UpgradesThe customer wanted to fit USB charging for passengers to use on buses, there was no product on the market that offered an off the shelf solution. Hunters designed and manufactured an innovative solution BUSB which was subsequently EMC tested and approved. The product which is CE and E marked proved popular with other customers and has been installed in buses and coaches across Europe and North America.

Case Study Customer C

Delays in unloading and loading moving floor trailers because of unreliable power supply on the loading docks, was resolved for our customers fleet of trailers by installing an independent power supply on the trailer. Hunters designed and built the battery carriers and charging system and also carried out the installation. The new system also benefited from being able to be charged from 3 different sources.

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